Our farm is chem-free

We use no pesticides or chemical fertilizers for the health of our bees, plants, and you!

Meet the Owners

Nick and Jackie Batsikouras have been Bruce Township residents since 1999.

Jackie Batsikouras has degrees in the medical field and is a licensed aesthetician her family comes from a long line of farmers.

Nick Batsikouras owns several businesses: Auto Connection Media and Smart Diet Scale.

About the farm

17-acre farm with mature trees A gentle running stream lavender plants, sunflowers, and wildflowers located at the northernmost section of Macomb County.

80800 Van Dyke Bruce Township, MI 48065

May 2020: Nick and Jackie began planting their 2000 lavender plants with help from 20 local high school kids and a few friends.

April 2021: Nick planted over 2 acres of wildflowers and sunflowers to add to the beauty of the farm.

Grand Opening: Late June early July 2021 depending on the start of the lavender blooms.