Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to enter the lavender farm?

No, as long as you purchase products or services from the farm.

Can I bring my pet?
Yes, as long as they are friendly, well behaved, and on a leash.
Are lavender plants for sale?

Yes we do! Please call ahead for more information and availability.

Can I rent Romeo Lavender Farm for private events?

Yes, we do rent the farm private events give us a call or contact us with what you have in mind we are open to all sorts of outdoor activities. Contact us call 586-383-6734 or

Are we allowed to take photos on the Lavender farm?

Yes! Please take as many pictures as you would like while you are here on the farm. You can tag us @romeolavenderfarm

When is peak Lavender season?

Anytime depending on what you’re looking for and looking to do. We will be having events throughout the year.

Full bloom Lavender generally starts in late June runs through early August. However, if you’re looking for lavender photo opportunities it’s best to come in June through August before most of the lavender is u picked. we will have sunflowers and wildflowers for u- pick as well. We will have plants available starting Mother’s Day all the way through September. Our Lavender boutique store carries the most popular lavender products and will be open mostly throughout the year. In the winter and early spring months, it is best to call ahead of time to make sure we have what you’re looking for.

Wheelchairs and terrain

Yes , The walking paths on the farm are mostly grass You can push a A wheelchair through the grass. We do have some slight elevations. But mostly it will be all right.

Fresh lavender care?

Once lavender is cut It will last a day or maybe two if kept refrigerated. Sometimes a little longer.

Which lavender has the best aroma?

All our lavender smells great. But at the end let your nose be the judge.

Lavender plant maintenance

Lavender does not like to have wet roots, so a good rocky or sandy soil will help drain the water. When they are first planted, all plants will need a little extra water than normal, but after they are established they do not need much. They also like a lot of sun!